With experience from hundreds of lawsuits, we represent you in the best way.

DER Legal is a rapid expanding/alt. growing, innovative firm which assists clients both in Sweden and internationally. In our modern approach we have chosen to retain the best from the classic legal craft and simultaneously combine this with a focus on efficiency and accessibility. This in order to deliver legal services to each individual client in a more flexible and cost-efficient manner.


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I cannot describe in words how thankful I am for all the help I have gotten. Extremely good feedback during the course of the matter. I highly recommend DER to others with all my heart.

Mona Hörnfeldt

Rebecca Ahl is clearly the best in Stockholm. A very committed, swift, professional, and empathetic lawyer. Great firm which delivers priceworthy.

Mehri Farrokh

I have been in contact with several lawyers at DER Juridik and we are extremely pleased with, among others, Ylli Dautaj, Alban Dautaj, Rebecca Ahl and Katharina Wide. A very competent and friendly group of people looking out for you and your company’s best interests, not just looking to billing more hours. 

Fordonsgruppen Västerås AB

I do not hesitate a second in recommending Ylli Dautaj and DER Juridik within all commercial law aspects. You will feel relief, which extends far beyond pure economic justice.  They are available by your side every day during timely and labor-intensive procedures. From initial detailed multi-bullet planning, through countless legally accurate and brilliantly worded submissions, to infallible closing statements.

Zetterquist Kiruro AB

I am constantly impressed with his attention to detail on all aspects from material review from clients, to the opposing parties’ material and meticulous well thought out strategies leaving nothing to chance. When I work with Ylli, I do not worry that my best interest will not be a priority, and I do not fear being unjustifiably billed for hours, something which I have often experienced with others in the profession. I have worked with a number of law firms and lawyers – it is fantastic to see how Ylli stands out so much in terms of being exceptional in his professionalism. Above all, the most important for me is character something which very few people have, Ylli possesses this including an extraordinary work ethic.

Stanton Barrett

DER Juridik is an agency that does its utmost to ensure that you as a client get the best possible quality. With cutting-edge expertise in various areas of law, they give you results above expectations and not just what is required.

Orimlig Hyra AB