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DER Legal is a rapid expanding/alt. growing, innovative firm which assists clients both in Sweden and internationally. In our modern approach we have chosen to retain the best from the classic legal craft and simultaneously combine this with a focus on efficiency and accessibility. This in order to deliver legal services to each individual client in a more flexible and cost-efficient manner.

We value accessibility, quality, reliability and personal service. In each matter, we map out our clients’ interests and needs in order to find solutions which are uniquely customized for each client. This may involve drafting carefully considered agreements, finding strategies to resolve disputes most beneficial to each client, negotiation, court proceedings or other forms of alternative dispute resolutions. As negotiators we focus not only on the law, but also on the psychological aspects of human interaction. Regardless of the choice of method, we work tirelessly to achieve the most favorable result.
Our expertise includes all areas of commercial law, as well as a number of other areas such as Real Estate and Construction, Dispute Resolution, International Law and Arbitration. Currently, we are working parallel with complex extensive matters and smaller, less intricate matters. Potential clients are welcome to contact us regarding both larger and minor issues.

Our team consist of lawyers with expertise in both Swedish and international law. This includes co-workers with either a law degree or experience in practical legal activity from the USA, Ireland, Great Britain, India and Sweden. All our lawyers have also studied law at one of the leading universities in Sweden and have in-depth knowledge of Swedish law. A number of our lawyers are also academically active and teach at universities and colleges in several countries. In their areas of expertise, several of our lawyers also publish articles in the most recognized international journals.

As part of the firm’s international reach, we can also offer our clients reliable legal representation on site in the USA and Ireland, as well as France and India. This thanks to a number of cross border collaborations with leading lawyers in other jurisdictions. In connection to this, we also have a focus on international arbitration and international financial transactions.

In addition to DER Legal, we also run the business branch Orimlig hyra. A unique service where we offer repayment of overrents and manage the process in the rent tribunal on behalf of the tenant.

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