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Dispute Resolution

We have broad experience of pursuing disputes in various areas. However, we mainly focus on disputes relating to Commercial Law, Real Estate, Construction, Damages, Labor Law, Administrative Law and Environmental Law. We represent clients in all instances in both general courts such as District Court, Court of Appeal and the Supreme Court and administrative courts such as Administrative Court, Administrative Court of Appeal and the Supreme Administrative Court. If necessary, we may also assist in smaller procedures at the Enforcement Authority.

Our dispute resolution team manages the entire dispute’s chain of events. This includes investigations, correspondence, hearings, court proceedings and enforcement of judgements. In addition to traditional court proceedings, we also assist in arbitration and other forms of alternative dispute resolution. In order to prevent and control any future disputes we also incorporate tailored dispute resolution clauses in our clients’ agreements.

Throughout the entire process we will update, guide and advise based on well-thought-out legal investigations and strategic considerations. We stand undivided on the part of our clients and will not be satisfied until our clients’ interests have fully been taken into account.