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Equine Law

Equine Law is a multifaceted area with the practice of law that involves all types of horses and horse-related activities, business, and facilities. One of the most common areas are faults in horses. Faults in horses are, for example, those that affect the rideability, errors that the buyer did not know before the purchase, matters that deviate from what the seller guaranteed in the purchase, from the parties’ agreement or from an appropriate standard.

Even if it is a living animal, it is the Purchase Act or the Consumer Purchase Act that is applicable, depending on whether the purchase concerns a consumer relationship or not. There are various factors to consider regarding if it is a business or a consumer matter such as the number of horses the seller sold and the marketing and the buyer’s perception.

It is also common for horse purchases to cut across national borders, which is why EU law is brought to the fore. Which country or city court is applicable? Which country’s law is applicable?

The buyer who is dissatisfied with a horse purchase must also decide the desired outcome of the matter. Does the buyer want to cancel the purchase? Require price deductions? Damages?

There are several parameters to consider, both within a horse purchase to prevent a dispute and when a dispute has already arisen. DER Juridik /DER Legal has experience from both contract law and the horse world and will assist you regardless of which side of the fence you are on.