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Construction law deals with intricate matters and contractual relations among various parties within primarily the construction and infrastructure sectors. Construction law covers a wide range of projects, from a small-scale residential construction to large-scale infrastructure projects, and both on the national and international plane.

The legal framework within this field is largely built upon industry-specific standard contracts such as FIDIC contracts internationally, and AB 04, ABT 06, ABK 09, ABM 07 among others, domestically in Sweden. Contracts with such industry-specific references can often be extensive and complicated, running in the hundreds of pages with exhibits and annexes included. In addition, other documents of significance are, for example, daily logs, steering meeting protocols, inspection reports, and so on. Another contributing factor to the overall complexity in this field is the frequent involvement of numerous parties in construction and infrastructure projects. For instance, contractors engage various subcontractors, whom may, in turn, engage their own subcontractors.

Frequent disputes that require attention include, but are not limited to, matters related to various obstacles, defects, delays, correctional and additional work, and payment.

DER Legal provides comprehensive strategic advice throughout every phase of a construction project. Our clients encompass private persons, small and medium-sized companies, large corporations, and public entities. We also support buyers during procurement procedures and bidders during bidding processes. Our capabilities include drafting, modifying, and reviewing both procurement documentation and bids. We offer assistance to our clients in planning, negotiating, drafting, and disputing any legal matter that pertains to the construction project.

If issues cannot be resolved amicably, we have extensive experience assisting our clients in litigating and arbitrating construction disputes.

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