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Dispute Resolution

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DER Legal has extensive experience and versatile expertise in dispute resolution across all its facets. Our legal professionals have handled a wide spectrum of cases, ranging from minor disputes involving individual parties to intricate disputes implicating multiple stakeholders, major corporations, state-owned entities, governments, spanning various jurisdictions and legal frameworks.

We have a track record of successfully representing both Swedish and international clients in litigation and arbitration proceedings within a wide range of service areas and sectors, including real estate, construction, shareholder disputes, corporate law matters, insurance matters, licensing agreements, IT-related disputes, public procurement, investment disputes, among others.

What distinguishes DER Legal from conventional big commercial law firms is our commitment to providing personalized, specialized and tailored advice and representation throughout all phases of dispute resolution. We prioritize quality and a personal approach, adjusting our strategies to align with each client's unique objectives and specific requirements. This occasionally includes sharing some of the financial risk with our clients. Further information on this aspect is available here.

How can we assist you

Every dispute is unique. Regardless of the scope and nature of the dispute we are prepared to meet the challenges our clients face head-on. Working collaboratively with our clients, we initially develop a strategy to determine the most suitable and advantageous solution.

We handle the entire chain of the dispute, including:

  • Procedural status assessments
  • Investigations
  • Correspondence and submissions
  • Negotiations
  • Mediation
  • Court proceedings
  • Arbitration proceedings

Our dispute resolution team has extensive experience in court proceedings, domestic as well as international arbitration, and both commercial and investment disputes. We also recognize the importance of exploring alternative dispute resolution methods to save time, resources, and mitigate legal risks for our clients. Therefore, our lawyers are skilled in alternative dispute resolution techniques such as negotiation and mediation.

By retaining DER Legal’s services, you not only gain access to our experience and expertise but also benefit from our personalized and dedicated approach. Throughout the process, we will keep you informed, guide you, and provide advice based on well-researched legal analysis and strategic considerations. We offer diligence, energy, and results.

We look forward to securing your interests!

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