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International Arbitration

In today's globalized world, where trade, commerce, and investments frequently involve parties from different jurisdictions, international arbitration is a valuable mechanism for resolving disputes. The choice to opt for international arbitration as a means of dispute resolution is often associated with its inherent advantages; that is, compared to litigation it is often faster, more cost-effective, and flexible, particularly when parties opt for expedited arbitration procedures. Moreover, the arbitration process is typically private and commonly conducted under conditions of confidentiality. Arbitration panels are composed of experts in the relevant field, known as arbitrators. More importantly for international transactions and parties, a pivotal advantage of international arbitration is that arbitral awards are final, binding, and directly enforceable in most countries around the world.

The forms that arbitration may assume depend on its underlying basis. Arbitrations stemming from contractual agreements are referred to as contractual arbitrations, which represent the most prevalent type in commercial disputes. Conversely, arbitrations grounded in statutory provisions are referred to as statutory-based arbitrations. Additionally, arbitrations can be rooted in international investment agreements (bilateral or multilateral). Our lawyers specialize in all facets of arbitration and holds particular expertise in international arbitration.

Our expertise

DER Legal has extensive experience in cross-border dispute resolution, particularly in international arbitration. Our lawyers have successfully represented both domestic and international clients in international arbitration proceedings. We handle arbitrations at institutions such as the Stockholm Chamber of Commerce Arbitration Institute (SCC), the International Chamber of Commerce (ICC), the Finland Arbitration Institute (FAI), the London Court of International Arbitration (LCIA), and the International Centre for Settlement of Investment Disputes (ICSID). We also manage ad hoc proceedings, such as those proceeding with the UNCITRAL arbitration rules.

Our lawyers specialize in handling complex commercial disputes as well as investment disputes. At DER Legal, we are well-versed in international legal and business matters. Many of our lawyers possess in-depth knowledge of foreign legal systems and speak several languages. In addition, we teach and engage academically in the field; for example, teaching international commercial arbitration, international business transactions, and investment treaty arbitration at universities in Sweden, the USA, the UK, and India. Our lawyers also publish articles in renowned legal journals and conduct research in the field. At DER Legal, we offer a unique blend of theory and practice, positioning us as a leading firm in international arbitration. Furthermore, DER Legal has established partnerships and collaborations worldwide, enabling us to competently handle even the most extensive and intricate international disputes.

We distinguish ourselves from traditional large law firms by providing specialized and tailored advice and representation at every stage of a dispute. Quality and personal commitment to our clients is always our top priority. Consequently, we adjust our strategies to align with the client's objectives and specific needs. This occasionally includes sharing some of the financial risk with our clients. Further information on this aspect is available here.

How can we assist you

For us, achieving a solution that serves our clients' best interests and safeguards their rights and economic concerns is of paramount importance.

Every international arbitration is unique. Therefore, we commence each case with a thorough analysis and review of the client's requirements and goals before devising a strategy.

Irrespective of the scope and nature of the dispute, we are always prepared to tackle the challenges our clients encounter head-on. By retaining DER Legal’s services you not only gain access to our experience and expertise but also benefit from our personalized and dedicated approach. Throughout the process, we will keep you informed, guide you, and provide advice based on well-researched legal analysis and strategic considerations. We offer diligence, energy, and results.

We look forward to securing your interests!

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