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Investment Treaty Arbitration

International investment law is increasingly becoming relevant for corporations and states in today's globalized world. Disputes that emerge within the realm of international investment law are notably intricate due to the distinctive legal framework encompassing them. With over 3,000 investment treaties in place, the field becomes challenging to navigate.

Investment treaty arbitration demands a deep understanding of various legal disciplines, including international arbitration, general treaty law, international property law, public law, international investment law, and more. It mandates the highly sophisticated capability to navigate the international legal landscape.

Our expertise

DER Legal possesses the knowledge and experience required to engage in international investment law matters. Our expertise is rooted in both theory and practice. Our lawyers publish articles in renowned international publications, conduct extensive research in the field, and lectures at universities worldwide, including in the USA, the UK, Sweden, and India. As a result, we have an in-depth understanding of investment treaty arbitration, which includes international investment law, general public international law, and investor-state dispute settlement through international arbitration.

This unique blend of theory and practice enables us to stay current with developments in the field and positions us as a leading firm in international investment disputes.

Moreover, we distinguish ourselves from conventional large law firms by providing personalized, specialized, and customized advice and representation at every stage of a dispute. Quality and the personal commitment we offer our clients always remain our top priority. Consequently, we adjust our strategies to align with the client's objectives and specific requirements. This occasionally includes sharing some of the financial risk with our clients. Further information on this aspect is available here.

How can we assist you

For us, achieving a solution that serves our clients' best interests and safeguards their rights and economic concerns is of paramount importance.

Each investment treaty arbitration dispute is unique. Consequently, we initiate each matter with a meticulous analysis and review of the client's needs and objectives before formulating a strategy.

Irrespective of the dispute's scale and nature, we are always prepared to address the challenges our clients encounter head-on. By retaining DER Legal’s services, you not only gain access to our experience and expertise but also benefit from our personalized and dedicated approach. Throughout the process, we will keep you informed, guide you, and provide advice based on well-researched legal analysis and strategic considerations. We offer diligence, energy, and results.

We look forward to securing your interests!

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