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Public Procurement

When public entities engage in the procurement of goods, services, or construction contracts, they are subject to the rules of public procurement. The regulatory framework for public procurement originates from the European Union and has been incorporated into Swedish law through the Public Procurement Act (2016:1145), the Act on Procurement in the Water, Energy, Transport, and Postal Services Sectors (2016:1146), and the Defence and Security Procurement Act (2011:1029). These laws contain provisions that specify the procedures public entities must follow when conducting their procurements. The process starts by a procuring entity (often a municipality or county council), who wishes to procure a good or service etc., that in turn initiates the procurement by creating and publishing tender documentation, after which private entities are invited to submit their bids.

The primary objective of these regulations is to foster healthy competition among various bidders and ensure the optimal use of taxpayers' funds.

Various legal issues can arise when dealing with public procurement. DER Legal offers legal advice to both contracting authorities and private bidders. For instance, we can assist your organization with:

  • Drafting, reviewing, and amending procurement documents
  • Supporting the preparation of bids
  • Advising during contract execution
  • Managing various disputes that may arise within the scope of the contractual relationship
  • Initiating proceedings for the review of a procurement process

DER Legal has extensive experience in assisting clients with public procurement matters. Our firm has a proven track record of assisting private entities in securing procurement-based contracts and achieving favourable outcomes in review proceedings. Our approach is consistently strategic, with a holistic focus and perspective.

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