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Real Estate and Environmental Law

Legal issues concerning real estate are addressed within what is referred to as “property law”. In legal practice, property law is categorized into two subfields: general property law and special property law.

General property law is primarily governed by the Land Code (1970:994) and the Housing Act (1991:614), which includes regulations and agreements concerning the transfer and use of properties. Key legal areas pertain to, among other things, property acquisition, access rights, property transfers, ownership, and property leasing. In that light, frequent issues include, for example, mortgages, corporatization of properties, property defects, formal prerequisites, and lease agreements.

Special property law, on the other hand, is partially regulated by the Environmental Code (1998:808) and the Planning and Building Act (2010:900). Special property law is further subdivided into land law and environmental law. Issues within special property law can, for example, include matters related to property formation, building permits, zoning, public road construction, and infrastructure.

We offer our clients advice in various areas, including but not limited to:

  • Real estate sales
  • Property packaging
  • Access rights such as lease and tenancy
  • Real estate development
  • Joint ventures
  • Real estate financing
  • Environmental Law
  • Property-related disputes
  • Building permits and zoning matters

Our clients comprise a diverse range of actors in the real estate industry. Accordingly, we advise private persons, small and medium-sized companies, large corporations, state-owned entities, state agencies and authorities, and municipalities. DER Legal has extensive experience in assisting clients in both general and special property law. Our advice is strategic, and we assist our clients in adopting a comprehensive perspective when planning, negotiating, and drafting their transactions or when resolving disputes. We can assist you with everything from property formation, zoning, permits, sales, contract reviews, and dispute resolution.

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