Shareholder Disputes

"For economic progress, as well as for human development in general, association is undoubtedly one of the most important aids." ― Hj. L. Hammarskjöld

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Shareholder Disputes

In today's capital-driven world, businesses constitute the cornerstone of economic growth. At DER Legal, we believe that small and medium-sized enterprises are the backbone of our economy and the driving force behind innovation and growth. Therefore, we understand the importance of establishing a strong and equitable foundation for small and medium-sized enterprises. We advocate for the protection of shareholders in general, and minority shareholders in particular. We frequently assist small and medium-sized companies in joint venture disputes and minority shareholders in shareholder disputes. At DER Legal, we have developed a distinct and unique expertise in matters at the intersection of corporate law and shareholder agreements.

Shareholder Agreements

Shareholder agreements are an essential part of every company's structure. Whether you are running a multinational company or a start-up, it is crucial to have clear and well-drafted shareholders’ agreement in place. The purpose of the shareholder agreement is to regulate the shareholders respective rights and obligations regarding the operation of the company or its organs. Typically, the shareholders’ agreement governs matters that should not or cannot be regulated in the company's articles of association. Through the shareholder agreement, shareholders are obligated to act or refrain from acting in a specific manner. More importantly, shareholders become aware of their respective right to control, insight, influence, level of cooperation, performance, excuses, financing, share distribution and issuing, remedies, and so on.

Our expertise

At DER Legal, we have extensive and versatile experience in working with shareholder agreements. Our experienced lawyers have handled a wide range of matters and are well-versed in the legal and business issues that can arise in connection with such agreements. At DER Legal, our goal is to help companies of all sizes thrive and grow in a competitive business environment. In this light, we also aim to assist minority shareholders in safeguarding their rights.

We distinguish ourselves from conventional large law firms by offering personalized, specialized, and tailored advice and representation, regardless of the complexity of the case. Quality and the personal commitment we offer our clients is always our top priority. Therefore, we adapt our strategies to align with the client's goals and specific needs. This occasionally includes sharing some of the financial risk with our clients. Further information on this aspect is available here.

How can we assist you

For us, achieving a solution that serves our clients' best interests and safeguards their rights and economic concerns is of paramount importance.

At DER Legal, we have experience in drafting shareholder agreements, joint venture agreements, and acting as counsel in disputes related to shareholder agreements and joint venture agreements in small, medium-sized, and large companies. We have substantial experience acting as counsel for shareholders of all kinds. We have previously assisted our clients with:

  • Drafting and reviewing shareholder agreements in line with the client's business needs
  • Disputes related to the company's board of directors and its decisions
  • Violations that contravene corporate law, such as, among other things, shareholders' right to insight, the principle of equal rights, general restrictions on representatives' competence, disloyal conduct
  • Dilution of shares, e.g., through directed share issues or offsetting
  • Various types of minority shareholders' rights
  • Payments and dividends

Together with the client, we first establish a strategy to find the most suitable and advantageous solution. Regardless of the scope and nature of the dispute, we are always ready to meet the challenges our clients face head-on. By retaining DER Legal’s services, you not only gain access to our experience and expertise but also benefit from our personalized and dedicated approach. Throughout the process, we will keep you informed, guide you, and provide advice based on well-researched legal analysis and strategic considerations. We offer diligence, energy, and results.

We look forward to securing your interests!

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Our pricing models

Each matter is unique. Therefore, prior to each new matter, we first establish a strategy together with the client to find the most suitable and advantageous solution. To accommodate our clients' different compensation abilities, DER Legal offers several pricing models. The model applied depends on various factors such as the nature of the matter, complexity, size, jurisdiction, etc.

Model 1              Hourly based

Model 2             Lower hourly fee + commission

Model 3             Lower hourly fee + "uplift"

Model 4             Commission

Model 5             Commission + external costs

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